Brian Kindsvater is proud to present his latest works of art on this exclusive page. Here you will find incredible masterpieces.

If you would like to own a copy or to have your copy autographed, let me know!


This work was inspired by my growing up in Colorado and watching the lovely snow fall each year. Ahh, childhood memories. They probably come flooding back to you too after pondering this amazing painting.

The Emperor's New Clothes

This piece is for the discerning art critic only. Only those with a special eye to appreciating Brian Kindsvater's place among the pantheon of great artists will be able to see this work, such was the skill involved in creating it. If you see nothing but white inside a black frame, do not despair. With more work and practice you too will be able to see the glorious colors of this majestic piece.


My work has inspired many other great artists. If you should ever be in an art gallery and see a painting of all white, worth millions of dollars, you can tell the curator you saw the original inspiration by the artist of the artists!

Black Reverse

This was an extremely difficult and time consuming piece of art. It incorporates the reverse of black, a difficult task. In the art world few have been able to match this technique of getting the reverse color of black. Black is the color of space, the most common color in the universe. Thus, to get the reverse of black you know you are looking at something very rare. Home | Law | XML | RSS