United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova

Website: United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova

If you're used to a formal Christian, Catholic or Lutheran worship you may be in for a surprise. The United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova is plain and intimate. Definitely not a mega-church. There are no dead and bloody crucified Jesus figures glaring down at you. One cross, that blends into the surroundings.

There is also a lot of commotion that some may not be familiar with. Children are present- so there's some crying and people going up and down the aisles taking care of kids' needs. This is wonderfully family friendly and not a 'stuffy' atmosphere. (Have you ever been to a service where the lesson was about loving life - by telling jokes for an hour?)

The Church has a female pastor. None of this only men can lead and teach about God.

There is a lot of singing, then personal words and blessing requests from many members, church business, the Pastor brings small children up to read personally to them, more singing, short verses are read from scripture, more singing (yep, lots of music and singing throughout), lesson from the Pastor, singing, and that's the end, and not that long.

Also, no communion, so you don't have to feel 'left out' if you don't drink.

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