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Mr. Kindsvater has been given the highest ethical rating possible in a survey of his peers. He has been in business for himself for more than twenty years.
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Brian Kindsvater is an entrepreneur in many areas and has created many products and informational reports. Mr. Kindsvater has written articles about business, law, tax and financial topics, among others. Better than a generic attorney Brian Kindsvater has primarily written about legal issues involving these topics:

* Employment law involving non-compete agreements and wage and hour issues
Non-compete agreements are broader than an agreement one cannot compete with a former employer. In California, the issue involving restraint of trade includes almost anything limiting an ability to work. This includes contacting customers, working directly for customers, working with competitors, performing certain types of work, and penalties for taking any of these actions.

Other legal issues are often in play that an attorney and someone like Mr. Kindsvater must sort through, such as trade secrets, using company property, interfering with contracts, and choice of law and jurisdiction issues that may appear in a contract.

This topic is a narrow specialty but can be surprisingly complex.
* Cemetery and funeral law and other specialty niches for select clients
After undertaking to understand a situation or a problem in the law Brian Kindsvater often has to obtain special and expert knowledge about the situation and/or the law pertaining to the industry, terminology used by participants, and a detailed factual understanding of how the business works.

This then permits Mr. Kindsvater to provide analysis and reporting about issues that are helpful to others.

California funeral, cemetery, and cremation law is one example where Brian Kindsvater has acquired a wealth of information unknown and probably never obtainable by most attorneys or industry outsiders.
* Internet law and marketing law for online business owners
The Office of Brian Kindsvater is primarily run online, allowing Mr. Kindsvater to provide information and reports available to many throughout California and beyond. He has had clients, customers and/or readers from every major continent.

The Internet and marketing law services primarily consist of website legal terms designed to prevent lawsuits and FTC claims, and responding to intellectual property claims such as trademark domain disputes.

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