Brian Kindsvater Presidential Positions

Brian Kindsvater on Employee Rights

Worker Mobility

Noncompete agreement restricting an employee's ability to work where they want, or to solicit customers, after their employment with a company ends, would be banned.

Brian would adopt the "California Model" nationwide. This means post-employment restrictions would be eliminated. However, a former employee would still face liability if they actually used or disclosed a former employer's trade secrets.

Local Litigation

Brian would prohibit employment agreements which require an employee to litigate disputes with their employer in an out of state court.

Brian would also set the venue for litigation in the employee's state of residence to be the county in which they have their primary place of work, or residence.

Minimum Wage

Mr. Kindsvater views employment as something which should pay more than welfare and which creates an incentive to move people from public assistance to private employment.

The minimum wage, except for trainees and teenagers, would be set so that full-time workers earn a sufficient amount to not be eligible for federal benefits.

Split Shifts

Shift splitting during the day, within a set period of time, would be prohibited.

Brian Kindsvater on Consumer Issues

Class Actions

Contractual prohibitions against class action lawsuits would be prohibited.

Only prohibitions, or requirements, enacted by legislatures would be allowed.

Consumer Redress

A business cannot require that consumers litigate issues to resolve disputes in any state other than the consumer's state of residence.

Brian Kindsvater on Social Issues

Military Spending

Spending on overseas bases, equipment, and manpower would be reduced in countries which so not spend a certain level of their gross domestic product on their own defense.

Illegal Immigration

Laws should be enforced and adults who entered the country illegally would be deported.

Deportation of minors: those under a certain age would be deported. Those older than a certain age would be deported if not in the country a set number of years. Anyone else would be eligible to seek citizenship when they become an adult, or be deported if citizenship is not obtained.

Heavier penalties against companies unlawfully hiring employees.

More resources and focus should be spent on Central America to improve working conditions so there is decreased incentive to migrate to the United States.


No taxpayer money would be spent for sex change operations while incarcerated.

A prisoner who does have a sex change operation while incarcerated would not be eligible to have a prison change based on their sex.

Marriage can be both a government license and a religious exercise, or just one. For government licenses there would be no discrimination based on sex.



There is insufficient justification for allowing a woman to have an abortion and at the same time not being able to set the conditions for which she can have voluntary sexual relations.

Brian Kindsvater on Taxes

Out-of-Country Cash Storage

Businesses would no longer be allowed to park billions of dollars in offshore accounts.

This money would be taxes at levels that create an incentive to bring it back into the country for investment back into the company or for payments to shareholders.

Tax Rates

Income tax levels would be made more progressive:

First, there would be higher tax rates on exhorbitant income.

Second, the amount needed to be earned before income tax is owed would increase.

Third, loopholes such as money managers not paying taxes at the same rate as employees would end.

Fines for Infractions

The amount owed for an infraction, such as speeding while driving, could not exceed the amount earned for one day of pay at the minimum wage. Home | Law | XML | RSS